Idle Assembly

David Flint Wood and Rodger Nisbet

flagCaribbean, United Kingdom

History and Terroir

Composed from some of the finest aged rum in the Caribbean, Idle Assembly shows off a rich, rounded and unctuous rum which can be as easily sipped as it can be mixed. The name Idle Assembly is taken from a public notice sign on the spiritual home of the rum, the tiny pink sand beached Harbour Island which is the gateway between the turquoise Caribbean Sea and the deep Atlantic Ocean. Government Dock, the island’s main port used to display a list of rules and regulations, one of which was ‘No Loafing or Idle Assembly’. The team behind this rum, some of whom call Harbour Island home, found that the opposite, a glass of rum while not doing very much, summed up both the island and the attitude behind this most relaxed of rums. Inside the bottle, you’ll find an assemblage of rums aged in ex-bourbon, white oak barrels for between 5 and 20 years, drawing on rum made in Trinidad, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, and Panama. The result is a rich and rounded rum; not too sweet, not too dry, yet smooth and easy to sip. Only 6,500 bottles of the first batch have been made, so this is a limited run of incredible rum.

Farming and Winemaking



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