Watson Family


History and Terroir

For the Watson family, Northern France plays a vital role in their lives, and it is where founders Alex and Emma Watson draw their inspiration for Renais gin. Their father, Chris Watson planted vines in the region over 30 years ago, becoming the only Englishman to achieve the rank of ‘Pilier of Chablis’ and it is a place where Alex and Emma spent part of their upbringing. This family wine-making passion has provided the foundation for Renais gin, which uses upcycled wine grapes, some from their family vineyard, as their starting point.

Farming and Winemaking

This grape spirit is then steeped in Kimmeridgian stone, a key element of the region’s terroir and upcycled wine grapes to create a complex base which draws a range of flavours from natural botanicals such as linden flowers and cubeb berries, with acacia honey added for texture and sweetness. The result is a gin made in England and cultivated in France, and one that is crisp with a distinct minerality. It pairs wonderfully with tonic, or mixes marvellously into a martini. It is a gin so flavoursome it can even be enjoyed neat, on the rocks.



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