Luis Niño de Rivera


History and Terroir

Mexico might be most famous for Tequila, a spirit made from the blue weber agave plant, but for most drinkers it is the highly flavoursome, earthy-yet-fresh notes of mezcal that appeals more. The team at Amaras seek out the very best examples of mezcal from across the country, selecting and bottling those that meet their incredibly high standard. One of the big focuses for Amaras is to highlight the difference in flavour between some of the key agave which call Mexico home. Across their choice of agave and its terroir, Amaras captures - in each expression - Mexico in a bottle. Their dedication to diligence, a philosophy they express as ‘from seed to glass’, means they are constantly planting and cultivating the best agave to produce the best range of mezcal in a sustainable way, focusing on three pillars: community, terroir and a love of the earth. The Amaras Logia selection focuses on unrepeatable, limited edition mezcal; collectibles specially selected for those who want to discover a truly wonderful, full-flavoured Mexican experience.



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