The Dalmore

Gregg Glass


History and Terroir

“We shine, not burn. In a world of possibility, we are virtuosos, always in pursuit of new perspectives. We are audacious and bold, constantly in motion it is in our blood and inspires our soul. Our whisky making artistry shines. When clan chieftain Colin of Kintail saved King Alexander III from the fury of a charging stag, the Mackenzie Clan was granted the right to use the 12-pointed Royal stag emblem. When their descendants took over the distillery, the stag became the definitive icon of The Dalmore, embodying our quest for excellence." "The idiosyncratic collection of stills at the distillery creates a unique New Make Spirit - robust and fruity, particularly well-suited for longer and more complex maturation. This allows our whisky makers to ensure each cask of our spirit reaches its full potential. Richard Paterson OBE, a pioneer in the art of cask curation, was the creative force behind The Dalmore for nearly five decades. He lit the way for our current Master Whisky Maker Gregg Glass, who continues an unbroken chain of visionary whisky makers, always pushing boundaries to mature our spirit in the rarest and most exalted of casks. Under the expert eye of The Dalmore's whisky makers, the years are put to work: time, casks, and artistry - together shaping our spirit to create an unparalleled Scotch Whisky."

"The Dalmore is a masterpiece, made with a relentless focus on realising the full potential of our single malt.”

The Dalmore

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