Sandy Hyslop

flagScotland , United Kingdom

History and Terroir

Scotch whisky is reliant on brilliant master blenders. The skilled artists who create incredible, layered and textured whiskies using a palette of flavours from across Scotland’s whisky distilleries. One of the most famous names in the canon of Scotch whisky is Ballantine’s, an enduring blend which was first introduced in 1827. This bottling is the first in Ballantine’s ‘Masterclass Collection’, an expertly crafted blend drawing on Scotch whiskies which have been aged for a minimum of 40 years. The release celebrates past and present Ballantine’s Master Blenders, starting with the legendary Jack Goudy, who held the title of ‘Master Blender’ between 1959 and 1994. All the whiskies used in this incredible assemblage would have been laid down in cask under Goudy’s tenure, with this blend composed by his then apprentice, and now celebrated Master Blender in his own right, Sandy Hyslop.


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