Antonio Bleve

flagScotland, United Kingdom

History and Terroir

Founded in 1968 by Silvano Samaroli in Rome, Samaroli is a pioneering independent whisky bottler, breaking ground as the first outside the UK. Originating as a Scotch importer, Samaroli transitioned to bottling in 1979, introducing watercolor labels due to relabeling needs. Under the stewardship of current Master Distiller Antonio Bleve, Samaroli solidified its commitment to quality over quantity. Strict agreements with Scottish distilleries and a focus on traditional craftsmanship define their approach. Today, Samaroli whiskies are highly sought-after, distinguished by limited releases (sometimes less than 400 bottles), cask strength, and an unwavering standard of quality. A trailblazer in the cask strength category, Samaroli's bottles captivate enthusiasts with their unique character and consistent excellence.


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